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Welcome to my Long Hair Page. Here you will find my experiences with my hair. This will be an updated page.

I started my Long Hair Journey on Nov 10 2003 when I shaved my bleached hair bald and decided to start over. It has been 14 months now and my Hair is 3 inches past my shoulder. 


If you want to see pictures of my hair progressing from short to waistlength you have come to the right place. My hair is still above my shoulders but I will be updating it as the months and years go by. My hair type is a mixture of 75 % straight and 25 % wavy.


New update July 23 2007, I finally updated my profile with new photos. I have decided to maintain this site once more.


New Update Mar 2012.

 I cut my hair off in July of 2011. I am regrowing it. My new websites location is at It's a blog type of format.

To see more pictures go to the photos page







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